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Cannot make it to Hamburg? No worries. We offerlive streaming via our Youtube Channel "hello at think future".

At the futuristic Seattle store, customers can skip the cashier & just walk out with their purchases.The shopper scans a code on the Amazon Go app to enter, then is tracked around the store with AI-monitored video.Anything they leave with is simply charged to their Amazon account

Quicket have just launched their iflyA380 app, using augmented reality to create amazing experiences from planning and dreaming to flying, including destination proposals and inflight experiences such as visiting the cockpit or pointing at the window and learning about points of interest on the way.

Which other developments will make up the travel experience of the future?

We look forward to welcoming more than 200 delegates tomorrow from internatinal airports, airlines, rail, other travel and hospitality, retail, tech companies and universities to think future and discuss transformation at this year's Hamburg Aviation Conference, 8 - 9 February 2018.

Couldn't join personally? Pop in via our live stream on our youtube channel.

Here you find all links, times are GMT + 1:

Thursday, 8 Feb 18:

08:40 AM: Welcome to Transformation

09:10 AM: Keynote - How Innovation Changes The World Followed by Grand Opening Panel

11:30 AM: Short Sharp: 7 Point Check List To Make A Difference With Your Customers Followed By Customer Experience Panel

01:45 PM: Short Sharp:What Customers Really Want

02:10 PM: Short Sharp: Defend The Claim "This Is What Has To Change For The Travel Retail To Survive"

02:30 PM: Short Sharp: The Changing Face Of Airport Design And What It Means For Travel Retail

02:50 PM: Tech You Need To Know, The New Kid On The Block - The Future Of Travel?

03:25 PM: Tech You Need To Know: Building Your Future Digital Strategy With API's

04:40 PM: Short Sharp: From Distribution Channel To Travel Companion - Deutsche Bahn Navigator

05:05 PM: Short Sharp: Will The Aviation Industry Still Exist in 20 Years' Time?

05:25 PM: Panel: Viable Future Business Models: Amazon Of Travel, Aircraft On Demand? What Else?

Friday, 9 Feb 18:

08:30 AM: In The Spotlight: Interview With Jens Bischof, Live From Antalya

08:55 AM: Keynote: Life In The 4th Industrial Revolution - A World Of Robotics, AI, Blockchain

09:20 AM: Short Sharp - Using Data For Good Followed By Panel: From Data Science To Tangible Results

10:15 AM: Chatbots, AI, Conversational Commerce, Digital Customer Experience - One Year Later

11:35 AM: How IBM Watson Is Disrupting The Future Of Travel - For Better

11:55 AM: Short Sharp Presentations followed by Panel: How To Transform - The Do's And Don'ts From People Who Have Done It

12:45 PM: Insight: Stop Talking About Customer Centricity

01:15 PM: In The Spotlight - Interview With Michael Kerkloh, CEO at Munich Airport

01:40 PM: In The Spotlight - The World's Most Travelled Man - Interview With Fred Finn